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Jenny A.

Inspire. Incredible. Invigorate.

Hi! My name is Jenny and I’m a New York fashion blogger. My friends would describe me as fun, outgoing and having a creative eye. I love going to Broadway shows, blogging and going to fashion shows.

New Style Modé is the fashion blog where models come to be themselves…where you can see the person behind the model. My blog gives an inside look into what it’s like to be a model. It focuses on the everyday life of models such as their stories and experiences to what they love doing, and how they like to dress. New Style Modé will give you a behind the scenes look into their thoughts, feelings and style as well as my own. You’ll also see the fashion shows I go to and the incredible fashionistas I meet.

As the heart and soul of  New Style Modé, I’m excited for you to join me on the journey of seeing a new perspective of the fashion world.

Love always,

Jenny A.

Jennifer Alweiss