My Top 10 Halloween Makeup Looks

Happy Halloween Witchesssss! It’s that time again – time to reveal my top 10 Halloween makeup looks. This year, a lot of the looks are from popular movies and shows that came out this year ( e.g. Squid Game – is it just me or is everyone talking about that show?!)

Halloween is a time to express yourself. I love seeing how creative these makeup artists get.

Which is your favorite?

1. Squid Game – The Font Man and his Guards

This look gives me CHILLS. It’s thrilling, eerie and gripping. Behind the brightly pink jumpsuits is a very dark figure and an even darker message. 456 players and only one will make it. Do you want to play a game?

2. The Squid Game Doll – Red light, Green light. This look puts a twist on the innocent looking, yet deadly doll. Don’t move. She can sense it.

3. Ursula – poor unfortunate soul

Look at that seashell perfectly “sitting” around her neck! This look is colorful and fashionable version of the villainous Ursula gives her a young, trendy and fresh look. Perhaps this was before

4. Wednesday Addams

This morbid look is an older version of Wednesday. As Wednesday says, “this look is guaranteed to make you look like you haven’t slept in years.” Whether it’s her first day of work, going on a date, or just someone died … she’s not amused.

5. Love is Love

This look may seem simple but, the message is powerful. Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Express yourself. Let the world see you through your own eyes.


This fun and bright look gives me Pop Art vibes. She looks like she stepped right out of a painting!

7. Love You to Pieces #Reece’sPieces

This one is for the chocoholics like me. Try not to eat too many chocolates because you may turn into one! Remember, you are what you eat.

8. Princess Fiona

Human by day, ogre by night? This look brilliantly shows Fiona’s two halves stitched together. Is she an ogre or a human? Only true love’s kiss can break this spell…

9. Cruella AKA Cruella De Vil – if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.

Are those sequins on her lips?! This chic look highlights the true villainous fashionista Cruella is.

10. Venom

Look at that tongue! He may be one of everyone’s favorite anti-hero, but I would not want to be on his bad side. Say goodbye because this look gives me CHILLS.

Which was your favorite Halloween makeup look?!

Love always,

Jenny A.