Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer + Producer Andres Aquino

Model Teresa Cheung + Fashion Designer and Producer Andres Aquino

Enchanted Rhapsody?! If I had to describe Andres Aquino’s collection in 2 words, it would be just that. Enchanted & Rhapsody. If you’ve ever been to a Andres Aquino fashion show, then you know that his shows are always filled with enchantment, energy, and excitement. And that’s exactly what I saw on Saturday. I saw a shopping mall hallway turn into a high fashion runway.

Fashion Designer and Producer Andres Aquino brought his collection to life at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey.

If you ever had the chance to meet Andres, then you know that he has a special spark that blends fantasy, luxury, and design. His show brought music, dance, and fashion together to create a extravagant fashion show. There were models walking the makeshift runway, photographers snapping photos, and a celebratory toast in the champagne room. I almost forgot I was standing in a mall.

Watch our Exclusive Interview:

The Enchanted Rhapsody Collection

Model SvitLana Vintoniak
Model Angelina Shipilina
Model Dahmi
Model Ani
Model Gvantsa Mkheidze
Model Aminah
Model Dahmi
Model Lyndz
Model Angelina Shipilina
Model Shadae Blancaneaux

A special thank you to:

Photographer : Iulian Popa

Makeup and Hair : PACHA Team

Fashion Design and Creative Concept : Andres Aquino, AndresAquinoNYC