Update on Ashlyn's story: Ashlyn dropped off her handmade designer masks at the Mills-Peninsula Hospital in California and the nurses said they loved them. Her masks are now being used in the ICU. She plans on making more masks for the ER healthcare workers. First of all, let me say how proud I am of fashion designer [...]

Meet Lisa: "Brand in Demand" - The fashion world is starting to notice model Lisa Franco as she makes a name for herself as a model. Lisa's goals are (1) to be featured in a magazine and (2) to be an ambassador model. The secret to keeping her young looking is her miracle water - Kangen Water. It's [...]

Meet Becca: Not only is Becca Avill an international model, she is also a TV presenter (host) in the UK! I really admire her because she is actively pursuing her dream of becoming both a top model & a TV presenter. She hopes to one day be able to model for Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated. She said that they have the best models and [...]