Updated Story : 12-Year-Old Fashion Designer is Making Masks to Help Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update on Ashlyn’s story: Ashlyn dropped off her handmade designer masks at the Mills-Peninsula Hospital in California and the nurses said they loved them. Her masks are now being used in the ICU. She plans on making more masks for the ER healthcare workers.

First of all, let me say how proud I am of fashion designer Ashlyn So. Since she’s been featured on my fashion blog, she’s been featured on both ABC7 and Good Morning America! #CoronaKindness

Check them out here:

ABC7: https://abc7news.com/coronavirus-masks-face-mask-donations-health-care-workers/6097994/

Good Morning America: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/style/story/12-year-fashion-designer-makes-masks-health-care-70117354


Ashlyn So, a 12-year-old fashion designer who was just celebrating her runway collection at New York Fashion Week, is now joining the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). After hearing that the doctors and nurses at her local hospital were facing a shortage of supplies, Ashlyn and her mom, Angela Wu decided to step up and help out. They are hand-sewing fashionable masks for healthcare workers who work at Mills-Peninsula Medical Hospital.

It was only a month and a half ago when I saw her collection at New York Fashion Week. Since then, the world has changed and we are having a very different conversation then I would have ever imagined. One in which Ashlyn is staying at home, balancing between doing homework and making masks. She urges other sewing enthusiasts and fashion designers to pick up a needle and sew.




Join the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and go to Ashlyn’s website https://ashlynso.com/masks-for-healthcare-heroes. You can find out more information by going to WeNeedMasks.org.


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