12-Year-Old Fashion Designer Ashlyn So is Being Honored at the E! People’s Choice Awards

In the beginning of the pandemic, when hospitals around the country were running short on personal protective equipment, 12-year-old fashion designer Ashlyn So became a hero. She’s making a big difference in her community by sewing masks for doctors and nurses in California, New York, Texas and Washington State. Ashlyn is being honored as a People’s hero at the E! People’s Choice Awards.

Usually we love seeing all of the gorgeous gowns and outfits the nominees wear. This year, the nominees will be virtual. So will Ashlyn. Ashlyn has a surprise! She’ll be wearing one of her designer outfits at the People’s Choice Awards. Did I mention she gave us a sneak peek of the outfit she’ll be wearing for the People’s Choice Awards in my interview?! ( Watch the video above! )

Since this is such an unusual year, the People’s Choice Awards want to honor those who made an impact and helped their community in 2020…especially during the pandemic. Ashlyn has made hundreds of masks while balancing her schoolwork and creating a new fashion line.

I am so proud of fashion designer Ashlyn So. Since she’s been featured on my fashion blog back in April, she’s been featured on both ABC7 and Good Morning America! #CoronaKindness

Check them out here:

ABC7: https://abc7news.com/coronavirus-masks-face-mask-donations-health-care-workers/6097994/

Good Morning America: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/style/story/12-year-fashion-designer-makes-masks-health-care-70117354

New Style Modé blog post:


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