Bored in the House? Here are 10 Creative Things to do During Quarantine


Yes, we are saving lives by staying home. But are you out of ideas for what to do during at home? Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to spice up your quarantine life.

1. Host a Virtual Happy Hour with the besties   

Drinks, snacks and friends?! Cheers!


2. Join a Virtual Paint Night

Here are links to some virtual paint nights. Grab a paintbrush and get painting!


Muse Paintbar


3. Get fancy

Order take out from the same restaurant as your friends and host a dinner party on Zoom. You’re welcome.


4. Be part of a Virtual Game night

Play games with your friends online or even on your Xbox.

5. Workout

Get your blood pumping and join an online workout class


6. Learn TikTok dances

Want to be part of the TikTok world? Pick up your phone and learn how to be a savage, classy, bougie superstar.

Here are some popular TikTok dances to start with:

7. Cook

From tacos to tofu, my sister and brother started trying new dishes. Now’s a great time to learn old family recipes and experiment with new ones. Bon appétit!


8. Watch Netflix / Disney +

Need a recommendation? Watch the Marvel movies. I recently watched the movies in chronological order. My sister and I disagree on which order to watch the movies in but we both agree that it’s so worth it. I just finished watching the Agent Carter series. No spoilers but, I couldn’t stop watching it. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

9. Create an exploding box card

Want a project for the weekend? It may look simple but exploding box cards take a lot of precision and time. When you finish, make sure to take a video of opening your box!

10. Blog

Start your own blog. It can be a blog, vlog or even a podcast. Now’s the perfect time to share your ideas and thoughts!

Did I mention that my blog was featured on Fox 11 News last week?! LA news anchor Christina Devine featured my story on designer Merlin Castell. 


What fun things are you doing at home? Share them with me in the comments below!


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Stay safe!

Jenny A