Below 30 Degrees?! Model Elodie Tusac Braves the Winter Weather to Model for 10 Designers

Model Elodie Tusac modeling for fashion designer Dawang (@dawangnewyork) at the Flying Solo

It’s too cold isn’t an excuse for model Elodie Tusac. She braved the freezing New York winter weather to walk in the outdoor fashion show for 10 designers. With the pandemic looming over the entire world, Elodie is determined to purse her modeling dreams and keep the show going. Even if it means walking on an outdoor runway in the middle of the winter.

Fashion Designer Ennstore (

  • February in NYC?! What was it like modeling in below 30 degrees?

It was a new experience for me, but it was fun! We would only be in the cold for 1 minute at a time. Then we’d get back inside and change in our next designer’s outfit, so it didn’t feel too bad. The only problem I experienced was that my eyes would water a lot because of the wind and the cold, but if that’s the price to pay to have a Covid-safe show, I’m okay with that!

  • Who did you model for?

I modeled for 10 amazing designers:

  • What is it like modeling during the pandemic? What has changed?

 At the beginning of the pandemic, modeling halted because everyone was keeping their distance from each other. The virus was new and we didn’t know much about it. Progressively, more and more people started being comfortable doing photoshoots and runway shows, doing them in the safest manner possible. However, even now, most NY Fashion Week productions are not holding fashion shows.

  • Did you get a COVID-19 test before modeling?

I came to NYC (for NYFW) from Texas and I did get a test before coming. It was negative, of course.

  • What advice do you have for models who want to model during the pandemic?

There are ways to continue modeling in a safe environment. There were models who do FaceTime photoshoots, only meet with a small team to photoshoot, or participate in very COVID-cautious fashion shows. I would say, never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Even though there are less modeling opportunities now, you can still find a great fit for you, if you go after it!

Fashion Designer Mollie (@mollie__jaten)
Fashion Designer Eve Skywalker (@eveskywalker)
Fashion Designer Giroud (@giroudworld); Designer Bag Oryany (@oryanykorea)
Fashion Designer Dhunow Designs (@dhubow_designs)
Fashion Designer I Do Jisu (@idojisu)
Fashion Designer Agape (@agapebysimona)
Fashion Designer Prey Public (@prey_public)

Happy New York Fashion Week!

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