Modeling During the Pandemic? Model Liliana Bogart Gives Us the Deets

Photo by @allnycstudios Designer @prey_public

With New York Fashion Week right around the corner, I can’t help wonder what it is going to be like. Back in February, Liliana modeled for New York Fashion Week on a rooftop in the middle of NYC. Modeling outside in New York in the middle of February is anything but easy. But looking at her photos, you wouldn’t even know!

Model Liliana took us behind the scenes to tell us what it’s really like to model during the pandemic.

Photo by @gettyimages; Designer @giroudworld
Photographer @desiredonephotography ; Designer @samunlimofficial

Tell us- what is it like modeling during the pandemic?

  • During the pandemic, modeling slowed down for me a lot, along with the whole fashion industry. Although it made me miss photo shoots and sets and shows a lot, there were new outlets for my creativity that I was able to find. FaceTime shoots became a new normal during the pandemic and the one I did, became one of my favorite shoots last year! I also became more accustomed to self tapes and online castings for modeling jobs.

What was it like modeling back in February – in below 30 degrees?

  • I honestly thought it would be a lot worse than it was walking in below freezing weather! I’ve always loved the runway and the adrenaline I get right before I walk out onto the stage, and I think that adrenaline carried me through the cold. Towards the end of the show when it started raining and freezing on the runway, that’s when I was most aware of the conditions. But thankfully with grips on the bottom of my heels and people wiping down the runway as I walked down, I made it through staying calm and confident.

Did you have to get a COVID test before modeling?

  • I didn’t have to get tested for COVID before the show, as I had previously been tested outside of the show. I made sure to get tested following the show as well and was negative for both.

What advice do you have for models who want to continue modeling during the pandemic?

  • I would tell models who want to get started now, especially during this time, to always stay true to themselves first. It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re supposed to look like or what an agent wants you to look like in this industry, that you can easily forget a piece of your personal identity. Take time to yourself before and during all the conversations and commotion in fashion and think about what you really want. Do it for yourself.
Photographer @desiredonephotography ; Designer @deadly_denim_ ; Shoes
Photo by @gettyimages ; Designer @Eveskywalker
Photographer @desiredonephotography ; Designer @Eveskywalker
Photographer @desiredonephotography; Designer @prey_public
Photo by @gettyimages ; Designer @mollie__jaten
Designer @idojisu
Photographer @desiredonephotography Designer @agapebysimona

Liliana walked for 10 designers in the Flying Solo show. The designers she walked for in order were: Mollié, I Do Jisu, Giroud, Eve Skywalker, Deadly Denim, DAWANG, Samun Lim, Prey Public, Dhubow Designs, and Agape by Simona.

A special thank you to photographer Desired One Photography arranging the interview with New Style Modé and Liliana.

Stay safe!

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