Is the Fashion World Polluting?! Model Liliana Bogart Now Shops+Sells Vintage Clothes

Photographer @bridgeterrante ; MUA @kayla_kayser_mua

New season, new trend? You might love buying that trendy new cheap shirt and throwing it out once the shirt is no longer in. With mass produced clothing and retail stores pumping out new styles and trends every year, a lot of clothing goes to the trash. So why not limit the waste and try sustainable fashion?

Photographer @pompeeraw

But, what exactly is sustainable fashion? Typically it’s wearing clothes that are already made …such as vintage and thrifted items.

Liliana Bogart is a sustainable fashion model who has her own Depop page called Not Original Thrifting. She models and sells both vintage and thrifted clothes. She loves clothes, shopping and fashion. But she wanted to do what she loves in a more sustainable way. Giving clothes that have already been worn a new home. Since last year, she has almost strictly shopped at vintage and thrift stores. Some of her most treasured clothing items were found at vintage and thrift stores.

Liliana isn’t the only one who is buying and selling vintage and thrifted clothes. The thrifting community is growing in size with millions of users. Depop, Poshmark, and thredUp are some of the most popular places to shop online sustainably. Depop alone has over 30 million registered users in over 150 countries! That’s a lot of people! Did I mention that Depop has made 1 billion dollars to date?!

I spoke with Liliana about her thoughts on vintage clothing. Here is what she said:

So tell us – what got you interested in vintage clothing?

Last year I started to become more conscious about where my clothing was coming from after learning that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. I started a Depop last year called Not Original Thrifting in order to keep more clothing in circulation, and get more people to love shopping sustainability! The best clothes are already out there!

Check out Liliana’s Depop

{15% of proceeds from Liliana’s Depop will be donated to United We Dream}

Have you shopped, sold or used online thrift platforms such as Depop? Let me know in the comments below!

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