Birthday Vibes From Jenny A.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Celebrating birthdays during the pandemic is no easy feat. Which is why I decided to share some fashionable ideas to celebrate birthday in the summer/fall.

1. Pick a trendy restaurant with outdoor seating – Wear a cute outfit, grab your friends and go eat! I went to Blend on the Water in Long Island City. Highly recommend.

2. Spice up your look – Debating whether you should get that new hairstyle or that new lipstick? It’s your birthday! Do it! Treat yourself.

3. Plan a spa day with your besties– Mani? Pedi? Massage? I’m in. Pamper yourself. Oh and don’t forget your mask!

4. Shop till you drop! – shopping spreeeeeeeeee! I bought some tops and high waisted jeans to celebrate the big day.

5. Get dressed up – Yes, pajamas may have become the everyday wear during COVID, but birthdays are special. So wear an outfit that you love!

How did you celebrate your birthday? Share your comments below!

Love always,

Jenny A.