It’s that time a year again when Macy’s turns their flagship store into a gorgeous ‘oh so fabulous’ garden. This year’s theme is the Flowers of Fortitude. Perhaps in light of most recent events this is exactly what we need… Fortitude. To be brave. To be strong. I cannot say there is one person that [...]

Photos: POOL - GETTY IMAGES What a year it has been! Last year’s Academy Awards was held right before the pandemic, on February 9, 2020. Back when the most popular outfit wasn’t the “work from home pajamas.” That feels like a lifetime ago. At a time where the fashion industry needs our support the most, [...] Ashlyn So, a 12-year-old fashion designer who was just celebrating her runway collection at New York Fashion Week, is now joining the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). After hearing that the doctors and nurses at her local hospital were facing a shortage of supplies, Ashlyn and her mom, Angela Wu decided to step up and [...]