Calling all Dog Lovers – FUNARI NEW YORK’s Matching Pup Outfits are Here!


Matching outfits?! You had me at “matching.” Can we just talk about how much I love matching outfits because I LOVE matching outfits?! You name it. Mother and daughter, father and son, couples outfits and now designer outfits for you and your dog?! Imagine walking down the street looking fabulous with your furry best friend. How cute?!

Not only are FUNARI’s matching pup outfits adorable and stylish, did you know that they are also dog-approved by the one and only Maxine, the official fashion dog behind the FUNARI brand?! She is the white Frenchie fashionista who is designer Janelle FUNARI’s dog and loves the runway. I had an amazing time watching her and the other fashion dogs walk the runway in their mini me collection.

Designer Janelle Funari and Maxine are very close. To bring you and your pup closer, Janelle also designed comfortable, fashionable and waterproof City Essential Dog Bags so you can take your furry best friend with you! You can use your designer bag as the ultimate on-the-go bag to bring your pup.

Janelle Funari, the designer behind the FUNARI New York comes back for an exclusive behind the scenes interview with me, Jenny A. from New Style Modé, the fashion blog. Check it out below!

joseline nyfw


Jenny A. (Me): I loved seeing the pups walk down the runway. Is it challenging having a fashion show with dog models?

Janelle: Not at all.  You have to be a dog lover to do a dog fashion show! Everyone involved must have a dog or love dogs! Most of the dogs casted are professional dogs and are trained to do this. Even the new pups that walked for first time had a little training before the show with the dog choreographer. I feel the show was a success because we did this!

2020 VPS Paige Marghe

Me: Maxine is so cute and such a great dog model! What is her favorite pup outfit?

Janelle: Her favorite must be the vegan hoody as lining has bamboo rayon or the camouflage since it is water resistant. Maxine tests all the clothing so when she wears it for a few days and approves it, we know dogs will love it! She will tell me. She will rip it off. She is one diva dog and is a big help for the brand’s success! She advises me to what is working and what is not working. I could not do the line without her!

Me: What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Janelle: My brand is inspired from NYC city streets, what I feel is needed for your everyday essential life living in the city. The pieces I create are practical, technologically advanced, and fashionable. They can be worn day to night.

2020 VPS Paige Marghe
PHOTOGRAPHER: NOEL VALERO Dog Model: cruzthefrenchie
2020 VPS Paige Marghe
PHOTOGRAPHER: NOEL VALERO ; Model: shan.nyan;  Dog Model: zz_poo

Me: What is your signature piece from this collection?

Janelle: My fit and flare jacket. It is shorter in front and longer in back with a fun pop of red lining in the collar. This jacket has been on line since day 1 and is my best seller. It is comfy, breathable and the compression is recycled from bottles!  It goes with the matching high-waisted leggings with a pop of piping in red, laser cut material and is also made from breathable compression recycled from bottles.

2020 VPS Paige Marghe
2020 VPS Paige Marghe

Me: Where is the perfect place to wear your collection?  

Janelle: To work, to gym and even to dinner! The line is versatile and can be worn all day long.

Me: Are any of your pieces waterproof?

Janelle: Yes, our rain coat is water resistant and our puffy coat for both men, woman and pup.

2020 VPS Paige Marghe

Me: Let’s talk about the fabulous bags- What is the bag made of?

Janelle: We have 2 versions.

  1. The camo version is a water resistant camouflage with organic Sherpa lining.
  2.  The black version is a water resistant vegan leather and shiny vegan leather with waterproof lining.
Model: Collette Elise; Dog Model: Maxine

Me: Can I leave my purse at home and just take my FUNARI bag instead?

Janelle: Yes! I created the bag so you can leave your purse home! The bag comes equipped with an easy access pocket in front for your personal things and a larger back pocket for your pup. It can hold your wallet, makeup, keys, glasses, iPad, and even your pup’s poop bags!

Me: I’m looking at the camo bag and it looks soft and cozy inside the bag, is it soft?

Janelle: Yes, the bag is so soft! It gives the feeling to the dog as a bed. It can become a car seat by attaching it to a seat belt.

Dog Model: Maxine

Me: I ALWAYS look forward to your fashion shows. I’ve watched you grow through the years starting with your fashion show in NYFW’s Couture Fashion Week, opening up your own store and now hosting your own fashion show with other designers! How did it feel to host other designers at your show?

Janelle: We are alway happy to work with others. Fashion is all about recreating and developing new things but it’s always nice to support others in the business as well!


A special congratulations and thank you to designer Janelle Funari for her exclusive interview! If you want to see her other collections, check here.

Also a special thanks to photographer Noel Valero and Tony Filson for capturing the moments with their spectacular photos.

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Love always,

Jenny A.