Pool Chic: End of Summer Dip with Model Coco Rocha in 200lb Dress

Photo by @sarakerens; Model Rori ( left), Model Alena (middle), Model Larissa Marchiori (right)

“Working from home” – Designer Christian Siriano took working from home to the next level and created a fashion show in his own backyard! Following the COVID-19 restrictions, all of the models wore designer masks and stayed 6 feet apart. The show took place in his suburban home in Connecticut.

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Christian always goes above and beyond. You could really feel the influence of the pandemic has had the the fashion between his “at home” fashion show and having every model wear a mask. But it goes deeper than that… He also had a political message – to vote. The word VOTE to be seen on his dresses, masks and other accessories featured on the runway. With the Presidential election right around the corner, Christian wanted to remind everyone how important it is to voice your opinion and to vote.

“As a designer our clothes are our voice…we showed our collection with a message to VOTE VOTE VOTE”. – Christian Siriano

This was his 37th collection. While New York Fashion Week may have looked different this year, Christian made the most of it.

Celebrity Collab: SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker holding up her designer shoes. Photo by @sarakerens
Sarah Jessica Parker‘s designer shoes. Photo by @sarakerens

Sarah Jessica Parker was there. Her shoe collection was featured on the runway. The runway started out on grass AKA Christian’s backyard and then turned into a bridge which ran over his outdoor pool.

6 foot red dress train. Model Coco
Photo by @sarakerens; Model Coco Rocha (left), Model Alena Frolova (middle), Model Darya Kostenich ( right)

Model Coco Rocha was the finale model, the last model to walk. With 10 weeks to her due date, Coco was determined to be in New York Fashion Week #pregnant. Not only did she pull off the “6 foot train dress” stunningly while being 7 months pregnant…. she took a dip in the pool. I watched her TikTok 10 times in shock as I saw her walk right into the pool in her red mask and matching red dress. Coco said that the dress she was wearing must’ve been 30 to 40 pounds and I can’t imagine how heavy it was after it was sopping wet from the pool. She mentioned it was a little hard to breathe with the water seeping through her red mask. I watched her stand in a Christian living room in the sopping wet dress. What a sight! How she was able to get out of the pool with that gown?!

Want to see how model Coco ended up in the pool? Here’s the YouTube video! Check it out here:

Photo by @thesabinakarlsson; Model Lauren Chan

Did I mention that Lauren Chan was there? She is a size-inclusive fashion advocate who is also a plus size model. A few years ago she actually came into my blogging class in FIT. Back then she was a fashion editor for Glamour magazine and was working towards her dream of becoming a model. I was so excited to see that she walked the runway!

Christian’s sister, Shannon Siriano

Christian’s sister drove 6 and a half hours from Richmond, Virginia to make it. Even though she was a little late, she threw on one of her brother’s designer masks & gown and surprised her bother.

Photo from @thesabinakarlsson; Model Sabina Karlsson
Photo from @rori.grenert; Model Rori

“Another beautiful show with an important message. Christian is always changing the game and innovating every season.”- Rori

The designer hats and headpieces were by Sarah Sokal Millinery.

The designer bags were from VAVVOUNE.

Makeup by: Vincent Oquendo

Some jawdropping photos of Coco’s pool chic dip in the pool:

Watch the full show here:

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The New York Times : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/style/new-york-fashion-week-christian-siriano-tom-ford.amp.html

Well I wish I was there to do an in person interview, I do love Zanna Robert Rassi’s E! Interview. Watch it here:

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